SAN FRANCISCO, 25 de noviembre de 2014 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ -- Con la temporada de las compras navideñas en pleno apogeo y una gran cantidad de películas y programas de televisión como "The Hunger Games", "The Walking Dead" y "Arrow" destacando ballestas y aljabas, la American Academy of Ophthalmology (Academia Americana de Oftalmología) está exhortando a los padres y al público a evitar la compra de cualquier juguete que dispare proyectiles, ya que se sabe que pueden causar lesiones oculares traumáticas y ceguera. Video - - - Aproximadamente 1 de cada 10 lesiones en los ojos que sufren los niños y que terminan en la sala de emergencia son causadas por juguetes, según un estudio de 2014[1]. En general, hubo un estimado de 256,700 lesiones relacionadas con juguetes tratadas en salas de emergencia en todo el país en 2013, halló un informe de la U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (Comisión de Seguridad de Productos del Consumidor de EE.UU.)[2]. La Academia Americana de Oftalmología aconseja a los padres que tengan cautela al escoger los regalos navideños para los chicos y eviten los que lanzan proyectiles, como ballestas y pistolas de perdigones. Una ballesta de juguete que lanza dardos a más de 100 pies de distancia cayó en una lista de los juguetes más peligrosos de 2014 por su potencial de causar lesiones en los ojos[3]. Los dardos y flechas de plástico pueden arañar el ojo, causando abrasiones de la córnea, o en el caso de puntas agudas, pueden perforar el ojo y dañar permanentemente la visión del niño. Las lesiones con pistolas de aire comprimido, de perdigones y de pintura son muy comunes y abarcan desprendimiento de la retina, que puede causar pérdida de la visión; acumulación de sangre en la parte delantera del ojo (hifema ocular) que…
WASHINGTON, Nov. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The United Steelworkers (USW) union said today that the International Trade Commission (ITC) took the correct action in voting to continue investigating antidumping and countervailing duties on Welded Line Pipe from Korea and Turkey. "The USW continues to stand up for American jobs by fighting illegal trade," said USW International President Leo W. Gerard. "Our members and American manufacturers deserve a level playing field free from distorting subsidies and unfairly dumped welded pipe." The USW joined the petition to impose antidumping and countervailing duties on welded API line pipe this October . The petition alleges dumping margins as high as 221% against Korea and 16% against Turkey. Welded line pipe in these size ranges is generally used for transporting oil and natural gas from fields to larger pipelines or for transporting oil and natural gas to refineries and utilities. "The energy boom we are experiencing in the United States should benefit domestic workers in all industries throughout the oil and gas supply chain," Gerard said. "Stopping unfair trade practices is absolutely essential if we are going to revitalize our manufacturing sector." The USW looks forward to working with the ITC and the Department of Commerce on this petition in its ongoing effort to improve trade policy and prevent job losses due to illegal practices." The USW represents 850,000 workers in North America employed in many industries that include metals, rubber, chemicals, paper, oil refining and the service and public sectors.

Patients Log On to Fight the Flu

24 Nov 2014
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BOSTON, Nov. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Flu season has begun, and national telehealth leader American Well® is among the first healthcare providers to see an uptick in online visits associated with influenza-like-symptoms (ILI). According to company data, the first cases of flu have been diagnosed in Minnesota, Ohio and New York. These ILI cases are scattered and intermittent; however, there is a notable upward trend, including a 10% increase so far in November. As a first response for consumers with flu symptoms, telehealth doctor visits can assist in early detection, treatment of symptoms and can help with prevention keeping those that are contagious home while also seeking care. "With flu season kicking off and a higher likelihood of contagion due to holiday travel and colder weather, early detection and preventative measures are key," said Peter Antall, MD, President and Chief Medical Officer for the Online Care Group – the nation's first and largest online physician network, which contracts exclusively with American Well. "The convenience of seeing a doctor online or through our mobile app can be a first line defense for detection and treatment." Dr. Antall recommends three ways to fight the flu: Seize the sneeze. The flu is an airborne virus that can be contracted from sneezes and coughs. Cover your mouth to prevent transmission of airborne germs and bacteria. Take a Shot. A flu shot is one of the easiest and best ways to prevent the flu and is often available at local pharmacies and in many workplaces. Rinse and Repeat. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, rinsing them for 15-20 seconds each time. When patients do get sick, it's important to stay home from work and school to prevent spreading the virus. "The flu is contagious one day before symptoms develop and up to seven…

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